about us

Janat bitumen is one of the major Bitumen and steel drum manufacturers of Iran from 1995. Our company has been registered, with Reg. No.270464, in “Tehran Company Registration Administration”, and now is one of the bitumen suppliers in IME

This company products are according to Iran National Standard Certificate. Via Establishing QC Management Method (ISO9001:2008) and European Standard, CE, in production, Janat bitumen fellows the reliable standard factors (such as ASTM, EN, etc.). More over, Janat bitumen products own quality certificates from Valid inspection companies like SGS and GEO CHEM. The products quality improvement is the first and foremost among our commitments, which are fulfilled through using committed employees and Stock holders

Janat bitumen is equipped with the most modern production equipment. In addition, packaging unit of Janat bitumen packs the products according to the latest equipment updates, and high quality products are sold in International markets

The QC unit, located in Janat bitumen factory, tests and controls the quality of materials and products by means of up-to-date and accurate laboratory equipment

Janat bitumen company is a member of “Petrochemical products Exporters Union”, and we have exported Bitumen to different countries such as China, Georgia, UAE, Myanmar, Afqanistan, India, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippine, Bulgaria, Tanzania, etc

We believe that our assets are our customers and their trust in us